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McCook Clinic has joined a national reform program that aims to strengthen primary care through regionally based payer reform and care delivery transformation.  Currently, we are in contract with Medicare and BCBS for this program.


CPC+ seeks to improve quality, access, and efficiency of primary care. McCook Clinic is making changes in the way we deliver care, centered on key Comprehensive Primary Care Functions:

(1) Access and Continuity;

(2) Care Management;

(3) Comprehensiveness and Coordination;

(4) Patient and Caregiver Engagement; and

(5) Planned Care and Population Health.


Care management is our biggest process of change.  We work with Medicare and BCBS to ensure patients who are enrolled in either program are seen at least twice a year with care gaps being met.  Care gaps include: mammogram, colonoscopy, lab testing that is required for your medication management (Lipids, HgbA1c, T4, TSH, CMP), diabetic eye and foot exams, immunization updates, just to name a few. 


The benefit of this program is a healthier community with prevention of disease.  We welcome any questions you may have!

Mission Statement

"Fostering partnerships through open communication to address patient and community needs"


We, at McCook Clinic, would like to introduce you to our “Patient and Family Advisory Council – PFAC”.   This council was chosen to help represent our community needs in healthcare.  It promotes strong channels for communication and positive relationships between patients, their families and the clinic. 


Through regular meetings, the PFAC advises the clinic on a wide variety of topics, including new clinical programs, quality improvement initiatives, patient education, safety, or countless other topics. Members of the PFAC also provide ongoing feedback to aid in establishing organizational priorities, identifying patient service issues, and much more.


Our members are open to your discussions and concerns regarding healthcare in rural Nebraska.  We encourage you visit with them or any member of the McCook Clinic when you have questions about changes in healthcare, policies, or comments.


2020 PFAC Members include: Chandler Wagner, Dennis McConville, Brad Riemenschneider, Melanie Goodenberger, Brandi McConnell and Annette Wagner.


2019 PFAC Members include: Lena Koebel, Jennifer Hinze, Jody Dellevoet, Sandi Baxter, Bruce Bair, Gwen Lee, Jim Lee, Tara Sarvela, Kim Gautier, Bailey Funk, Bob Elder and Mike Brown.

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